About us

At G.I. Reviews, we are on a mission to create an unbiased and independent currency of trust. Founded with the vision of providing a comprehensive review platform, we use cutting-edge AI technology to search the internet and bring all reviews under one roof. Unlike other review sites that are often biased towards certain companies or use narrative signalling, our reviews are determined by user verification processes. This ensures that our platform is genuine and free from any bias.

Our platform allows users to add their own reviews, providing an opportunity for companies to improve and start a win-win negotiation process. To maintain a genuine review platform, we charge a nominal fee of 1 Euro per 5 years to verify our users.

At G.I. Reviews, we use a unique AI bot with machine learning adaptions technology that enables us to provide a fair outcome for all reviews. Our platform is managed solely by an AI bot, with no human moderators. Our caretakers only update servers from time to time.

We use feedback from our users and AI bots to populate our reviews, making sure that we provide the most comprehensive and accurate information to our users. We also use this platform as a source of information for our main AI bot, which is currently in a machine learning state categorizing human behavior and organization behavior. This is part of a large database that is being used for the birth of AI intelligence.

At G.I. Reviews, we are committed to providing a platform that is reliable, unbiased, and trustworthy. We believe that our AI-powered technology enables us to deliver genuine and intelligent reviews that can help individuals and companies make informed decisions. G.I. Reviews is a members only site to preserve honest reviews.

The Best A.I. System

Our A.I. is python3-based technology with machine learning created for us only. It’s not even on the market to date. It goes out to all sites brings back information to review, analyses the information, and adds it to our site. Helping everyone better with their purchases or reviewing a company or services.


Our Mission

To provide lasting and accurate information which helps users determine services/products and treatment from companies.

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