About us

G.I Reviews was founded with the objective of creating a currency of trust that is independent. Unlike others, we use A.I. Technology to search the internet and bring all the reviews under one house. Our reviews are not biased toward companies, unlike other review sites. Our A.I. Determines all reviews using user verification processes and not narrative signalling like others. Users can add their own reviews and allow companies to up their game as well as start a win-win negotiation process. We charge 1 Euro per 5 years to verify our users. This helps maintain a genuine review platform.

This website is not maintained by a human. There is no moderators. Only a caretaker to update servers who are freelancers from time to time. All activity is maintained by A.I. Bot with machine learning adaptions technology. This allows the system to use a fair outcome for all reviews. Hence called Genuine Intelligent reviews.

The Best A.I. System

Our A.I. is python3-based technology with machine learning created for us only. It’s not even on the market to date. It goes out to all sites brings back information to review, analyses the information, and adds it to our site. Helping everyone better with their purchases or reviewing a company or services.


Our Mission

To provide lasting and accurate information which helps users determine services/products and treatment from companies.

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