Removing a Review

Think the review about your company/person has been unjustified? Settled, Client/customer, had a win-win settlement? Then you can have the review removed.

Our services

The Removal process


Follow the A.I. automation system instructions


Contact Us

Contact us and provide us with the information on the removal reason. A.I. can only remove settled reviews or unjustified reviews. We don't do fake reviews here as all our reviewers are verified and genuine.



The A.I. will contact the reviewer and ask if this has been settled or unjustified.



If the review has not been settled/justified you will be billed an amount to remove from this site. The amount will cover the reviewer's inconvenience fee and final settlement. This will settle the case and the review will then be deleted. Win-Win


Step (A.I.) Two

Await investigation report


Step Three

1. It will be removed or 2. A payment will be required for removal. You will be notified by the A.I. (We accept crypto payments only.)


Work with the A.I. review system

Built with faireness in mind!